At Hopkins Hall Fitness Center, our degreed performance coaches hold the highest level certifications in the industry. Equivalent to those held by Strength and Conditioning Coaches in professional and collegiate sports. Available by appointment, we assess your current fitness level and design programs to reach your fitness goals.

Our fitness center houses treadmills, rowers, ski erg, assault bikes, elliptical trainers and more. We have Olympic lifting platforms, bumper plates, and other performance based training equipment available in our strength training rooms and HITT area. Outdoor Functional Fitness equipment is available at one of our HITT boxes. See the front desk staff or contact the HITT department for more information.

Fitness Centers Rules

Authorized Patrons Only / 100% ID Card Check

Active Duty, First Responders, and DOD Civilians attached to MARFORCOM ONLY

For the safety of our patrons and staff, if you are feeling ill (coughing, trouble breathing, fever), do not enter and call your doctor.

  • Social Distancing Required
  • Towel Required to Workout
  • No Social Media or Pictures Allowed


Mission Statement:

“Enhance Marine performance by providing elite tactical strength and conditioning resources, programming, and expertise to support total Marine physical fitness, and to complement the commander’s organic assets.” In short, HITT is all about helping Marines become:

Combat Ready and Resilient.

Principles of HITT:

Superior Human Performance is directly related to superior Combat Performance
The HITT Program builds superior combat performance through comprehensive strength and conditioning programming with an emphasis on:  building strength and power, optimizing mobility and stability, and increasing speed and endurance.

- HITT Staff can be found on Camp Elmore at the Hopkins Hall Gym Monday -Friday, and on NWS Yorktown at either the Sports Zone Gym or the 714 Gym Tuesday and Thursday

HITT Offers:

  • Hip Pocket Clinics on any fitness related topic (PFT/CFT improvement, Running Technique, Nutrition, etc.)
  • 40-hr HITT Instructor Certification Course
  • Small Unit, Platoon, Company, and/or Battalion level PT sessions
  • Individualized Training Programs

Human Performance

The Marine Corps creates opportunities that promote and improve the health and wellness of the entire Marine Corps community. The Semper Fit Human Performance Program provides health education that encourages people to increase control over and to improve their full health potential. Health fairs, classes, workshops, and awareness campaigns are some of the activities provided by the Semper Fit Human Performance Program.

The Semper Fit Health Promotion program has seven core elements and offers a variety of services for each area:

TOBACCO USE PREVENTION & CESSATION: The Operation Tobacco Free Marine Tobacco Cessation Program provides the tools and resources to help you become tobacco free. Individual and group classes are available to the entire Marine Corps community. For units requesting the course, classes can be held at the unit’s preferred location.

NUTRITION EDUCATION & DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS: Healthy cooking classes, dietary supplement analysis, and general nutrition guidance are some of the activities offered to help you keep a healthy and balanced diet.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Meal planning, commissary tours, and goal setting are among the services offered to support you in obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight.

CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION: Blood pressure and blood glucose checks, body fat measurements and cholesterols tests are screenings offered to help prevent long-term diseases. Awareness campaigns in topics, such as breast cancer and diabetes, are also offered during monthly health observances.

SEXUAL HEALTH & RESPONSIBILITY: Education on family planning, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and healthy sexual behaviors are offered via classes, health fairs, and in partnership with Navy Medicine.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Opportunities to establish healthy and active lifestyles are promoted via hands-on classes, health fairs, and special events during monthly and yearly health observances.

INJURY PREVENTION: Education to increase injury awareness and to address common misconceptions about injuries is provided via activities such as hands-on workshops, health fairs, safety briefs, running shoe clinics, and other special events.


Contact Information

Hopkins Hall

Bldg MCA-603
5th Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23551

Phone: 7574452742

Front Desk: 7574452742

HITT Department: 7574451288

Email: SemperFit.MCCSHR@usmc-mccs.org

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Monday 0515 - 1830
Tuesday 0515 - 1830
Wednesday 0515 - 1830
Thursday 0515 - 1830
Friday 0515 - 1830
Saturday 0800-1400
Sunday 0800-1400

Federal Holiday Hours - Closed.



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