Age Requirements:

  • 18 Years old for long guns
  • 21 Years old for handguns

Required ID:

  • Military ID or CAC (with Exchange Privileges)
  • Virginia License or ID (Must be at least 30 days old with current Virginia Street address)


  • Out of state license/ID (at least 30 days old) and Current PCS orders to Virginia
    Orders must be less than 3 years old or an unexpired rotation date

Expired orders need a letter of extension consisting of:

  1. Letterhead of command
  2. Your name
  3. Name and location of command (matching original orders)
  4. New PRD
  5. O.O.D. signature

Contact Information

Elmore Firearms Counter

Building MCE1 Elmore MCX
1251 Yalu Street
Norfolk, VA 23515

Phone: 7574231187

Fax: 7574446198

Phone Ext: 204

Email: campelmore.guncounter@usmc-mccs.org

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