MCCS Hampton Roads would like to ensure Marine Corps Birthday Ball committees are equipped with information on available resources, processes, and legal constraints to planning and executing a successful Marine Corps Birthday Ball and to ensure that all individuals, Units, etc. are protected under the Marine Corps legal guidance while maximizing available funds to reduce the cost for the attendees.

All Birthday Ball accounts must: 

  • All funds should be deposited with Elmore MCX (please ask for Duty Manager) between 0900 - 1500 Monday - Friday
  • •Calculate the amount of the deposit prior to bringing to office
    •Make checks out to MCCS
    •Sort cash by denomination, e.g., $1s, $5, $10, $20
  • Plan appropriately so deposits are adequate to cover all Ball expenses – DO NOT OVER SPEND
  • Submit a Designation Letter identifying the Responsible Officer for Ball and Fundraising account


•Jaime Clark, MCCS Financial Analyst
•(703) 784-3491

•Lisa Bickerton, MCCS Commercial Sponsorship Representative
•757 749 7823

•Chris Woods, RPO NCR Director
•(703) 784-5636

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