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The procurement of equipment, supplies, support services, revenue-generating services, and professional services is accomplished at both the Headquarters and the MCCS field activity level. These procurements are considered non-retail or non-resale. Please click here for MCCS Contracting Office points of contact.  To inquire about selling items through retail channels, such as the Marine Corps Exchange, click here to learn more.

To be added to the source list and considered for future procurements, interested vendors must contact each MCCS Contracting Office.  We do not use a standard source application; simply provide your company name, website address, contact information, and a short summary of products or services.

Examples of non-resale procurement accomplished by the MCCS Contracting Office include:

Equipment & Supply Items:
Cell Phones and Service
Food Service Equipment
Retail Fixtures 
IT Hardware and Software
Recreation & Fitness Equipment

Support Services:
Grounds Keeping
Printing & Advertising
Distribution Services
Small Construction
Maintenance and Repair

Revenue-generating Services
Barber and Beauty Shop Services
Vending Machines and Products
Golf Courses
Laundry/Dry Cleaning 

Professional Services:
Banking, Audit, and Credit Card Processing Services
Feasibility Studies
Employee Development Training
Consultant Services

These goods and services are purchased for our Marine Corps Exchanges, clubs, lodging facilities, recreation activities and warehouse facilities.  We also contract with nationally recognized companies for fast food operations, money transfer services, and film processing, to name a few.

Our non-resale procurement professionals may also order against other NAFI and Federal Government contracts, such as those issued by the General Services Administration and Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Office (AFNAFPO).

It is our policy that procurement using nonappropriated funds be accomplished primarily through competition in a fair, equitable, and impartial manner, and to the best advantage of the MCCS.  MCCS contracting is entitled to the same tax exemptions and adheres to the same tax regulations as other Federal agencies.  The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) does not apply to non-appropriated fund procurements, except when specifically required by DoD Directive, Instruction, or Component regulations.

Contract Clauses/General Provisions Downloads

Listed below are the General Provision documents available for download. To view the document, simply click on the document title. For the current MCX Terms and Conditions and Vendor Standards Guide, visit https://www.mymcx.com/index.cfm/about/partner/

General provisions -Current

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (MCX) — Aug 2014 (PDF) 

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions — Aug 2014 (PDF)

Contract Clauses (MCX) — Jul 2015 (PDF)

Contract Clauses (MCCS) — Jul 2015 (PDF)

Clause Matrix – 8 Mar 2017 (PDF)

Previous Versions — General Provisions — Effective before 3 Aug 2015

MCX General Provisions for Retail Merchandise - Jun 10 (PDF)

MCX Special Provisions for Retail Merchandise - Jun 10 (PDF)

Equipment & Supplies (MCCS Disputes) — Mar 09 (PDF) 

Equipment & Supplies (MCX Disputes) — Mar 09 (PDF) 

Services (MCCS Disputes) — Mar 09 (PDF) 

Services (MCX Disputes) — Mar 09 (PDF) 

Purchase Order General Provisions (MCCS) — Mar 09 (PDF)

Purchase Order General Provisions (MCX) — Mar 09 (PDF)

Construction Contract Clauses - Mar 09 (PDF)

Clause Matrix (MCCS) — 13 Oct 15 (PDF)


Clause/Provision Numbering: To provide a consistent method of contract clause numbering that will allow contractor's to refer to clauses incorporated by reference, please refer to the below instructions for contract clause numbering.

Administrative Clause/Provision Number. The Administrative Clause/Provision Number appears below in the first column of the Matrix. In solicitations, orders and contracts the administrative number should be included after the clause/provision title and then followed by the date the clause was issued. For example, ORAL REPRESENTATIONS (GPC-006, NOV 2007). All clauses and provisions included in the matrix are assigned an Administrative Clause/Provision Number. Once assigned, the number remains constant.

Contract Clause/Solicitation Provision Number. Unlike the Administrative Clause/Provision Number, which remains constant, the contracting officer should sequentially number clauses/provisions in solicitations, orders and contracts. This number, which precedes the clause/provision title, is referred to as the Contract Clause/Solicitation Provision Number. For example, if the ORAL REPRESENTATIONS (GPC-006, NOV 2007) is the third clause in Section I of the Uniform Contract Format, the title of the clause should be printed as I-3, ORAL REPRESENTATIONS (GPC-006, NOV 2007). If that clause were to become the fifth clause in that section, it would print as I-5, ORAL REPRESENTATIONS (GPC-006, NOV 2007). The contracting officer should include an index listing in the contract document for the provisions and clauses for each solicitation and contract.


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