Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Hampton Roads is a regional organization that supports approximately 3000 Marines in a large geographic area.  Priding itself on not being "building-centric," MCCS ensures programs (including EFMP, MCFTB, Semper Fit, SMP, retail and support services) reach all local Marines. 


Camp Elmore has the distinct honor of being the first Marine Corps camp named posthumously for an enlisted Marine. PFC George W. Elmore, USMCR, was a 20-year-old Browning Automatic Rifleman with George Co., 3/5. Wounded, he exposed himself to lay down a withering fire until his wounded comrades could be evacuated. His attack was effective, but he lost his life in battle.

Camp Elmore once embraced a 15-acre tract in what was known as the naval base's "south annex." During more than a 50 years of use by the government, the area has been a Seabee training site, prisoner of war camp and Army barracks area. 

Today, Camp Elmore is home to HQSVCBN, FLEET MARINE FORCES, ATLANTIC, MARINE FORCES COMMAND, MARINE FORCES NORTHERN COMMAND.  Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) at Camp Elmore is responsible for serving not only those units stationed at Camp Elmore, but all Marine commands in the Hampton Roads area. For more information, please visit the MCCS homepage or find us on Facebook.


While Marine Corps Community Service Hampton Roads serves as the hub for Marines in the area, almost seventy-five percent of the Marines stationed throughout Hampton Roads are 21 miles or more from Norfolk. As a regional program MCCS travels to support all of our Marines, Sailors and their families.


Camp Elmore is located in Norfolk, Virginia. Situated in the far southeastern corner of the state and comprised of seven cities - Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News and Hampton - the Hampton Roads area has a combined population of nearly 1.7 million people.

Predominately a "Navy town," Norfolk is home to the largest Naval installation in the world; Hampton Roads is truly a joint forces dream. With local Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard bases and installations, it's a military melting pot. Nearly 2,900 Marines report to local Marine commands, calling Hampton Roads home. Local Marine commands in the area include EWTGLANT, MARDET NSOM, MATSD, MARDET Dam Neck, and reserve units including, MACS-24 and Co A 4th AA Bn.

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