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Get a Boost by Volunteering

Volunteering appears to have an amazing ability to improve the health and well-being of those on the receiving end and   the volunteer; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Volunteering can positively impact six areas of your life:

  • Physical health
  • Life satisfaction
  • Sense of control
  • Happiness
  • Level of depression
  • Self-esteem

Physical health can improve with activities that get you moving and thinking at the same time. People who volunteer tend to see a reduction in blood pressure, which indicates improvement in overall health.

Many volunteers express greater satisfaction in their lives, which is thought to be a byproduct of time spent in service to others. Giving and receiving appreciation further adds to this satisfaction. Happiness and a sense of control also increase with a natural release of dopamine in the brain created by helping others.

Depression risk is combatted by increasing social interaction and building a sense of community among other volunteers and those being helped. These support systems help reduce the risk of depression.

Volunteering creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment that boosts self-esteem. Plus, volunteering helps introduce new skills and experiences that increase self-confidence.

Being a volunteer has as many perks for you as it does for those who  benefit from your service. It’s a win-win!

Contact your installation Volunteer Coordinator today to sign up. 

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