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Easy Energy Saving Tips You Need To Know

Do you ever wonder how energy is used in day-to-day work and life: at offices, in warehouses, in vehicles, in barracks, and in homes? By the time you finish reading this article, two gallons of water flow will have come from faucets within your home or office. Water usage makes up a significant portion of the Marine Corps utility bill.

The Marine Corps leads the way in being efficient while using electricity, fuel, and water. Energy is vital to the Marine Corps training, warfighting and operating bases in the field. The goal of Energy Action Month during October is to raise awareness about energy use.

Did you know lighting, electronics and appliances make up 15-20 percent of building energy consumption with a price tag of more than $35 million a year in cost?  Did you know heating and air conditioning make up more than a third of building energy consumption, costing more than $80 million per year? And some of that cost is coming out of your pocket.

Efficient use of energy begins with you. Making just a few of these small simple changes can add up to huge energy savings.

•    Turn off the lights
•    Unplug appliances
•    Use heat and air conditioning responsibly
•    Don’t let the water run
•    Don’t let your vehicle idle
•    Carpool whenever possible
•    Identify times to walk, bike, or use public transit

While reducing your energy costs can shrink your utility bill, the Personal Financial Management Program can help you identify even more ways to save. Click here to learn more.

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