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Are You Spiritually Fit?


What comes to mind when you consider the term holistic Marine?

Imagine if the question were presented on Family Feud: We asked 100 Marines, what characteristics would you expect to find in a fit Marine? Your top response would likely be, Give me physically fit.

Physical fitness is undoubtedly a must-have for Marines—that will never change. But there are additional components to a Marine’s fitness that cannot be ignored.

Mental fitness might be the second most popular answer, and perhaps a few would answer with social fitness. Have you ever thought about the importance of spiritual fitness?

Although spiritual fitness is only one aspect of a Marine’s life or total fitness, it is vitally important. Spiritual fitness ties directly to the other pillars of Total Force Fitness. Weakness in physical, mental, or social fitness weakens the entire Marine, as does weakness in spiritual fitness.

When the word spiritual is used to describe part of the fabric of a Marine, there are sometimes naysayers. This is likely because spirituality has been so closely linked to faith and religion—and there is no doubt a link.

But spirituality can be expressed outside of religious beliefs and practice. It's essential to understand what spiritual fitness is and have a plan to develop increased spiritual fitness over time.

According to the Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP 6-10.1), spirituality is "that which gives meaning and purpose in life and can be practiced through philosophy, religion, or way of living."

Chaplains are an available resource to help guide you through life’s challenges and establish goals toward strengthening spiritual fitness.

Click here to explore more spiritual fitness resources.

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