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Are You A Risk Taker?

Are you usually a risk-taker, or are you more “conservative” when making decisions?   Whether you are someone who lives life on the edge or prefer to follow the rules, chances are that you want to protect your lifelong investments.  There’s nothing wrong with taking some risks, but problems arise when the level of the risk that you’re taking threatens the things most important to you.  

Consider This Scenario: 
A Marine is on the path to achieving a well-deserved promotion.  Friends want to help celebrate this event so they suggest meeting up at a local bar.  Everyone is laughing and drinking, and they feel they are being responsible because they’ve arranged for a safe ride home.  But before the Marine and his or her friends leave, a stranger becomes aggressive with them and an all-out brawl erupts. This results in serious injuries and the police are called.  The Marine is arrested, along with others, and they all face consequences.  

Know Your Risk Level
Although the Marine and his or her group of friends had a plan to get home safely and thought they were being responsible, one high-risk decision while they were under the influence of alcohol put everyone involved at risk for jeopardizing their values.  Know the Alcohol Risk Continuum and be aware of your levels of risks. 

From your first day of Boot Camp you’ve worked very hard to earn and uphold the title of Marine. Don’t let one high-risk decision derail. Know your risk level. Protect What You’ve Earned.

Do you want to learn more about low-risk choices? The Substance Abuse Counseling Center (SACC) offers a wide array of prevention, intervention, and counseling services to promote the readiness of Marines and their families.  SACC takes a proactive approach to support low- risk use of alcohol and discourage other substance misuse. If you are concerned about your alcohol or other drug misuse, or that of someone you care about, please contact your installation SACC. Click here to find a Substance Abuse Counseling Center near you.  

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